Dog Car Seat Protector - Universal Fit

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    • Premium Protection: 100 percent waterproof double layer design, seatbelt velcro closure, and side flaps provide maximum rear protection from dirt, spills, scratches, hair, and fur; collapsible bowl is perfect for on the go refreshments for your pup during long car rides, hikes, and travel
    • Pocket and Zipper: convenient pocket for storage of personal items such as toys, leashes, grooming supplies, or water bottle; reinforced zipper allows easy access to your pet while still allowing for regular use of half of the car
    • Easy Clean: spot clean with a damp cloth or vacuum; machine washable
    • Slip Resistant: textured underside grip dots on the rear seat, 4 headrest adjustable straps, 2 seat anchors, and 2 elastic straps reduces the amount of movement
    • Universal Fit: protector measures 56 inches in width and 63 inches in length; fits most cars and SUVs; does not work without adjustable headrests; easy to install with quick release clips


    Customer Reviews

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    Exactly what I was looking for and a Lifetime Warranty to boot!

    This is exactly what I was looking for, and at a reasonable price. I plan to use this mostly for carrying coolers and other potentially messy items in my car. It looks tough enough to withstand a dog, thick canvas like material with a non slip backing. There are handles to tuck in between the seat cushion and the back of the seat to hold it in place, plus adjustable straps to place around the headrests. The cover can be installed like a seat cover, or like a hammock with extra straps to attach to the front seat headrests. it has a pocket to hold items you might want to access, and a zipper that will open the cover allowing a (human) passenger to sit in the back next to your Cooler and/or Mutt and buckle up. I haven't tested it, but the material has a plastic like coating that looks like it would be waterproof, or at least very water resistant.I tried it on my 2016 Sonata and it fit perfectly covering the whole back seat with lots of extra material to tuck in on the sides of the seat. I like the flaps that protect the seat ends and could protect from spills or debris. I only wish it was offered in a Tan color to match my interior. After receiving the cover I got an email from the seller telling me I have a lifetime warranty. They tell me they will take care of me for any reason and make it right. Now that's customer support. All in all a great value especially when compared with similar covers at twice or three times the price.

    Great product - get this now!

    Excellent product, well worth the (very reasonable) price. Definitely better than my previous solution of using bedsheets!Overall good quality, non-slip as the name implies, and dirt/water/paws/claws proof.Key features:1) Hammock style with good quality clasps (I prefer this over the bench type - gives the dog more room and you can put stuff in the footwell and keep it relatively dog free)2) Large size with generous overhang on both sides to keep the upholstery clean in our mid-size sedan3) Zipper to allow a passenger to sit with the dog4) Pockets are useful but not that important in my opinion

    breanna sedillo
    Amazing product!

    Ordered looking for a low price as many of these are very expensive and a risky purchase. This purchase seems to have been a good one. We have a heavy duty dog that likes to shed and lean all sorts of ways in the back of our truck and this so far has been able to keep him from falling or mucking up the back. Product seems to be made of a thick sturdy material just the right size for the back of our Dodge Ram pickup. All positives here!

    Amelia Barnes
    Works well, easy to clean

    I purchased this because my dog had a hard time getting traction on my leather seats and kept sliding into the floorboard. This keeps her securely in the backseat on the bench. It fits my Toyota Camry well and also fits my husband's Mitsubishi Outlander. The grip on the bottom of the cover helps to keep everything in place, and it's really easy to set up the backseat. The cover is waterproof--which is great, since my dog has developed a habit of carsickness. When she throws up, we just hose off the cover outdoors; it dries completely within an hour (even in sub-freezing temperatures). The zipper is great for when someone wants to sit in the backseat with the dog or when I've needed to reach back into the backseat. The hammock-style cover is also great for transporting groceries without having everything fall into the floorboard when I stop or turn. It does get a little warm in the summer, so I'll probably throw a light-colored sheet over it in the warmer months to make it more comfortable for my dog.

    Beth ann
    I love these covers

    I have dogs. They are family members. I love these covers. I bought one for my truck and it is fantastic. Easy to clean and helps keep the dogs in the back seat. I loved it so much i bought two more for the sofas in my RV. Then i bought a new couch for my house. I like cuddling with the dogs but wanted to protect the new furniture. So i bought two covers and sewed them together to cover my new sofa and chair. Protects my upholstery while allowing the dogs to lounge. I take them off when i have guests and the furniture looks perfect. These are light weight so they are easy to take on and off. They stick in place and look good. They are inexpensive, well made, an exceptional value.