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    • Single airflow inline wheels
    • Color pop interior with cross straps and large diagonal blouse pocket
    • Easy-grip soft co-molded zipper pulls with sonic welded logo
    • Takes functional and thoughtful design to a higher level
    • 8x14x18

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Best carry-on underseat roller bag

    I travel a lot and only bring carry-on luggage. This bag is amazeballs! Getting older had me wanting a roller bag to take the strain off my shoulders of carrying my normal weekender. The pictures are onboard a coast to coast Alaska Air (window seat) flight and you can see it fits both ways. The front pocket is big and super convenient to stuff inflight crap like earbuds, , snacks, Xanax, etc. I love this bag.

    Marissa J Cash
    Perfect for Spirit. Perfect for me

    I bought this specifically because I take spirit quite often to and from vegas and pittsburgh..its a 4 hour direct flight that I try and save as much money as possible on. And this bag allows me to do just that. I can get all my essentials, clothes, shoes, accessories and iPad pro 12.9 inch in. I checked to make sure this bag fit in a closed spirit airlines terminal so if it didnt...I could adjust a few things before getting charged. It seems if you overfill and stuff this bag...it prob wont fit. Also utilize the inside stretch strap..it kept my clothes in place and didnt push against the outside layer of the luggage. As I walked up to the counter to get on my flight with my little pull along luggage... I anxiously awaited them to stop me with the other several passengers to argue the size of my bag..but they did not. I think they are getting used to seeing the american tourister carry on. I hope they dont change the dimensions of their carry ins AGAIN. Bc this bag fits their current requirements exactly! And i LOVE it!!!!

    Rose o'the Mountain
    Great bag, exactly the personal item size for Spirit ...

    Great bag, exactly the personal item size for Spirit Airlines. Fit perfectly under the seat- and the best part is that it cost less than paying for a carry-on or checked bag! It’s roomy, too, despite the compact size. I was able to fit enough clothes for 5 days in it.

    j c light
    I love this bag!

    I love this bag! It held everything I needed for a five-day visit with family—changes of clothing, nightwear, toiletries, , etc. Because I flew Spirit Airlines, I looked for something that could be carried on and stowed under the seat, avoiding any extra charges. This bag fit perfectly, in the bins and under both a center and on my return flight, an aisle seat. (Truth be told, you won’t have room to stretch your legs in front of you—but that was okay for my hour long flight.) The flight attendant even commented on how much she liked te bag as I rolled it down the aisle. I had no problem with the zipper closures. It appears to be well made, compared to some others I saw while shopping—and seemed priced lower than others, too. I highly recommend it.

    Tampa User
    Exactly as described

    Wife and I flew Spirit for the first time and we were unaware of the carry-on prices. In stead of paying close to $80 for carryons, we researched and found this bag that fits the dimensions perfectly for a "personal bag" which is free. We were surprised with how much we were able to get in here for a weekend trip. The wheels are sturdy, the pop out handle is perfect and is high enough to roll the bag without the awkward bending. The lady at the boarding door asked us to fit the bag in the size box as she didnt believe it was a personal bag size but it fit perfectly. Don't hesitate to purchase if you need a small bag that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.