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    • Stronger Middle Zipper & Better Stitching in Seams: Updated DURABLE heavy-duty oxford fabric and 4-layered padding for comfort and durability, this material not only prevent color bleeding also provides an updated middle zipper and better stitching, make sure your pet won't fall into the seam
    • EASY TO INSTALL & Clean: The cover is fixed easily by four durable straps with clasps. It's very easy to install with quick release clips. Easy to spot clean with a damp cloth or a sponge with mild soap or vacuum
    • REINFORCED NO-SLIP DESIGN: PVC bottom and seat anchor make this cover firmly be fixed on the car seat. And reducing the discomfort caused by the sliding frequently. This prevents it from moving when pets or people are sitting on it. It also makes it easier for your pet to jump on and off the seat without the cover sliding out from under them
    • Bench Car Seat Protector: 54" Wide X 58" Length. The seat belt openings can be closed when seat belts are not in use to prevent dirt, pets saliva, hair, scratch, muddy paws from getting under the cover and onto the seat
    • 4 Layer Quilted Hammock: This dog car rear seat cover can be easily convertible to a bench or hammock-style and comfortably fits almost any car, SUV or truck. The hammock features a padded micro suede top and a rugged, rip-stop denier bottom with a waterproof coating to protect your car's upholstery and keep your vehicle looking brand new


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    M. P. RN
    Great product

    This product does exactly as promised. We are not disappointed

    William Glock
    Practical and useful seat cover

    I just bought a new truck and needed a seat cover in the worst way. The truck has lesther seats and with my work gear, I wanted to make sure that the seats remain clean and undamaged. This cover is perfect for my needs. While it’s meant for pets. It’s very practical for anyone wanting to protect their seats. It is easily installed too. There are two loops for the rear head rests. There are handles around the middle for ease of carrying and storage. I pushed the handles into the seat crevice to hold the cover in place. The fact that it converts into a hammock type of cover is awesome too. Just throw the second set of handles over the front seat head rest and you’re done. This has made travel and grocery shopping so much easier. Essentially, this has been able to convert my rear seat into a usable transport and storage area.

    Great Quality!

    Really great quality material and indeed waterproof! I have a rogue SUV, and it doesn't fit perfectly, but is sure to protect my seats. I like that there are velcro holes where the seat belt can go through as well. it is GREAT for when I want my dog to stay in the back because she is muddy, but easily unbuckled when I need the back for seating.

    Saves my Seats and Interior!

    My new puppy is still adjusting to riding in a car, and he slobbers - alot! Saw these and thought i'd try it out. The top is quilted and a seemingly durable fabric, the underside has sticky 'paw prints' to help it no-slide around on the seat. attaches easily to head rest, i also used in the cargo area when he's in there. Observations: 1st time machine washing it, a bunch of the 'paw prints' came off in the dryers; the connector for the headrest straps don't stay tightened down. function over form wins out, i bought one for each car.

    tory howard
    Great product!

    One of the best investments I have made, it fits the back of my 2018 Ford Escape like a glove. My dogs love it, they don’t slide around like other ones I’ve had. I have had them in the back seat numerous of times. I have a Great Dane and not one tear in the fabric. It is solid material. Well worth the price.