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    • CONTENT KIDS = HAPPY PARENTS: KEEP YOUR sanity & arrive on time. After years of long-distance travel, our ROAD TRIP WARRIOR parents consortium PERFECTED this car seat tray, including every useful travel tray feature kids need to stay happy, engaged, and content. Your ears & fellow passengers will thank you.
    • KEEP TUMMY'S FULL & HANDS BUSY - Space-saving dry-erase board doubles as a mess-containing eating tray, then easily restores to like-new clean with a few wipes of a damp paper towel, without ghosting, staining, or looking dingy.
    • THE ULTIMATE VIEWING EXPERIENCE - Tablet stand secures tablet in place, allowing kids to watch and interact hands-free, so you can let kids use electronics, without worrying about them crashing to the floor
    • ARRIVE WITHOUT THE MESS - On-board zipper storage pockets provide your kid's easy access to their art supplies, snacks, and small toys, keeping them neat and organized until you arrive at your destination.

    Customer Reviews

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    High quality

    Excellent quality. Durable material. Nice packaging. Will last a while with my toddler.

    Yes I would recommend......

    I really like this travel tray. We travel a lot. 5 to 12hrs trip when we don’t fly. This tray is great my daughter can write on it (dry erase board), eat on it and watch movies on her iPad. It has adjustable straps I just wish the straps were a little wider but overall a good buy. The tray is sturdy enough that she can use it to color or or write on paper. There’s a lifetime warranty all you have to do is register the product. The tray cup holder can be set up to accommodate a right or left handed child. I purchased the erasers separately (Hibery 8 pack) they are perfect for this size dry erase board. It does fit over my daughter’s car seat with a slight tilt. Not a big deal for me.

    Great customer service

    Very sturdy and well made tray. I really wanted to keep it but I had to return it because it didn't fit my carseat. If you have a carseat without significant armrests, this tray (and all others) will rest your child's lap. My five year old found all these types of trays uncomfortable for that reason. (The tray is light but her tablet is heavy). The sellers were great about accepting my return and even paid for the returned shipping costs even if they didn't have to.

    Nikkisha L. Carnley
    Great travel tray

    Great travel tray and sturdy on the lap. I get a bit nervous if the velcro will really hold. I can't get more than a coloring book to fit in the pocket let alone fit snack in it with it, maybe I need to let it stretch out a little. Still, love the travel tray regardless. My daughter is much happier in car rides now with it. To be able to watch on her tablet, color, eat a snack and have a drink at the same time keeps her happy and occupied.

    Mary Wise
    Pretty neat travel tray.

    This travel tray is awesome! My kids love using it. They especially love the dry erase feature on the tray portion. It doesn’t show stains easily (which we all know happen fast with kids!). We haven’t used the holder for the iPad yet but that’s only because we have a case on ours that works just like this and works fantastic with the tray. So if you don’t have that kind of case, the attachment will be your best friend! Plus who doesn’t need extra storage pockets on the go?