Portable Luggage Scale - Silver

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    • High-accuracy sensor and rubber-textured handle surface. Capacity: 110lb/50kg, Graduation: 0.1lb/50g
    • Avoid Overweight Fees: Hook your suitcased for instant weight and save time before you wait inline
    • Built for Travel: Weight before you go and fit the scale in pockets without adding excessive weight
    • Thermometer temperature sensor in both F and C. Know your delicate luggage is in an ideal climate
    • Tare and auto-off functions included to preserve both time and energy; Low battery and overload indication; Automatically lock weight results


    Customer Reviews

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    I think this is very accurate. It’s easy to use and has no problem lifting up a 60+ lb suitcase if need be.

    Easy to use

    My kids opened and disposed of the packaging for this before I got home. I can not attest to any of the directions or packaging on the product.I do know however that this is very simple to use. I push the power/zero button on the top so it’s on and reads zero, loop the strap around the luggage handle, and pull straight up so luggage is off the floor. I loaded one suitcase up with some tools that I plan on taking to family overseas and weighed it. The bag came to 24.7 pounds. It seemed heavier than that, so I used the old trick of stepping on the scale with and without the bag and subtracting my weight alone from the total weight. Those numbers came up to 24.8 pounds. So in my opinion, that is fairly reliable.The battery is easy to change, there is a slot on the back, and essentially, it slides completely out. It takes a CR2023 lithium cell battery. I haven’t used it much, as I just got it, but I feel like it will be a very helpful tool in my future travels.

    Maureen Flores
    So happy I purchase this product

    Used his twice for our vacations. Really easy to use and accurate and it's didigital. Our friends were so impressed they bought some too. You can change to kg or lbs.

    Great Luggage Scale

    This is a must for anyone who flies today and does not want to worry about getting to the airport only to find out their luggage is overweight. I take this with us everywhere we travel and always weigh our luggage before leaving for the airport so we have so surprises. It is lightweight and easy to put in our carry-on luggage. I also have found it very accurate (probably within a few ounces of the weight the airline has on their scales. I highly recommend this product. I hope this review is helpful. If so, please notate that the review was helpful.

    Excellent product for the return trip.

    I'm always having the problem of a bag overweight and trying to move things between bags at the airport on the return trip. Not anymore this is awesome and my both my bags were under the weight limit.I'm the one who always used the bathroom scale at home and my bags were great going their but coming back on the return flight one bag was always to heavy. Not anymore, this travels well and my bags weights were equaled out, excellent product to have with you when you're traveling.