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    • EFFORTLESS CAMPING Pops open into a ready-to-use form (auto-setup) in a blink & proves easy to fold into a compact pop-up tent is ideal for casual camping and accommodates 1-2 persons. Like a beautiful spot en route? Set up your tent instantly!
    • DOUBLE DOORS With double doors on both left and right sides, it's easy to step out from either side. Moreover, a combination of the inner zippered screen plus the outer zippered nylon layer gives an ability to easily switch between high breathability and complete privacy.
    • HIGH BREATHABILITY Two mesh windows on the front and back add further to the air circulation while the solid nylon flaps over the windows allow for privacy. Not only breathability, but you can also just open everything and enjoy the surroundings too.
    • CARRY BAG & ACCESSORIES Comes with a carry bag that's ideal for storage and carrying it along, and in addition, a small bag for accessories to keep them organized occupies little space in your car trunk or even when stored at home.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Kids love it

    Easy tent !

    Cierra Reneè
    Love It!!!

    I absolutely love it! it’s even bigger on the inside than it looks. fits two people comfortably. (adults.) It could possibly fit three people if you’re all sitting up and not laying down. or two adults and one small child. came packaged well. great purchase!!

    So far so good

    I got this for my son and his rats. Trying to rat proof a room might be easy but trying to dog proof that rat proof space was not easy. The dogs now go into a bedroom with my eldest son so the rats can have some free time out of their cage and so they are contained.This tent is easy to set up, easy to take down. The floor is a thin tarp like material and is easy to clean. It is bigger then I thought it would be. It will definitely fit 3 kids (10,9,8) and an adult plus 3 rats and their toys lol.I’m not sure how long it will last as I do think the zippers are cheap and flimsy, I can definitely see them falling off track or ripping away from the screen but we will se how it goes.

    Sheletha T Leal
    Great Tent

    Worked great for my son's 5th birthday campout party!

    Worth every penny

    This tent is amazing, my daughter was so extremely happy when she saw me taking this rent out of the box , she played all day yesterday and when I woke up In the morning she wasn’t in her bed , I went downstairs and she was playing in her tent in living room 😀. I didn’t expect to be that big and it’s so easy to store because it gets very small . Very happy about my purchase, I bought this tent for my 4 years old daughter because she likes to pretend that she is camping