Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set - Black

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    • HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: This travel lunch utensil set is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, reusable and durable for daily use. Easy to clean, the dishwasher safe.
    • 8 PIECES PORTABLE UTENSIL SET WITH CASE INCLUDE: A dinner knife, dinner spoon, dinner fork, chopsticks, cleaning brush , straight straw, bent straw, carry organizer bag
    • EASY TO CARRY: This reusable cutlery set is small in size and light in weight, The 8-piece portable utensils are a must-have for daily use. Suitable for traveling, working,school, flight, workplace, eating on the go, picnic, camping, etc.

    Customer Reviews

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    Love This Set! Stop Using Plastic!

    I recently visited a sea turtle rescue, and realized just how insensitive and selfish an animal I am on the Earth. My eyes were opened to the amount of single-use plastic I have been using, (including grocery bags) and Ive committed to reduce my plastic use.Seeing a baby sea turtle die because it ate 90 pieces of plastic floating in the ocean pushed me to make a change- recycling cans and bottles on my curb isnt enough- I need to stop my use of plastics in the first place!This set of silverware will travel with me everywhere now in my backpack.I already have some metal straws (one in my car's glovebox) but now have a straight and a bent one to travel with me as well. And a pipecleaner to clean them thoroughly!Sadly, each utensil was wrapped in a mini-plastic bag, but the net drop in my plastic use will be long-term.The set is heavy-duty and solid. Stamped "stainless steel", the chopsticks seem to be solid, not hollow, so they hold in the hand better than hollow ones. The black color is unique as most silverware is...uh...silver. I considered the blue and the rainbow colors, (both beautiful options) but they seemed a bit flashy for me.Im wondering if they will scratch thru the black finish over time (hence the mini plastic bags for shipping) but the purpose of buying them is the driving factor. Ill probably end up wrapping a clean napkin between them so I have it for use if I need it while protecting their appearance.I wont be using these for hiking/camping as I have lighter weight options for that, but these are perfect for everyday use- when I need them at work or elsewhere because only plastic is offered.I am thrilled with these and recommend you buy a set as well!

    Lauren Barmania
    Great travel kit for food aversions!

    I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and I bring this with me any time I leave the house. I take the issue of cross-contamination very seriously so carrying my own cutlery and straw set is just an easy extra step for my safety! Plus, this is a great set, very quality cutlery, and packs up nice and small for easy travel, fits in my purse no problem! I also really appreciate that it comes with a cleaning brush for the straw and the chopsticks are a SUPER nice touch! For the price, I have a hard time imagining you would find anything better. If I were to have one complaint it would be that I would love if there was some way to organize these within the pouch as they do just sort of hanging out loose in there and it can be a bit of a mess when opening. A simple elastic piece would likely do the job! Not really a complaint, more of just a preference.Over all - would 100% recommend, great product!

    Caroline Selkirk
    Nice Set!

    This is a fantastic portable flatware set with straws and chopsticks. They are of good quality. My only complaint is the case they come in stinks like mothballs or something akin to that which is pretty gross. I鈥檓 going to put it through the wash and see if it gets rid of it. It could also use some elastic sewn across each interior side to secure the items but I did that myself and it didn鈥檛 take long, now the items won鈥檛 fall out when you unzip the case.

    Definitely worth it!

    I purchased this set to send to school and so far I am pleased with my purchased, so much so that I will buy a set for myself. This is a great product! I like that it has it鈥檚 own carrying case, and you can slip a napkin in as well. Wash and drop in the lunch bag and it doesn鈥檛 matter if lunch is sushi, soup, salad or there is a container requiring a straw, everything is there ready to use. I keep the straight stray and brush at home as there is no reason for two straws and with the restrictions in school now, I know the straw brush will be useless. They are good quality and I definitely recommend.

    Portable Flatware set

    Got these for my daughter to take with her to work. It was a surprise for her. She loves them! So convenient and easy to carry with her. Covers all the bases: fork, knife, spoon, plus chopsticks, 2 styles of straws, and a straw cleaner all in a nice carry bag. I chose a colored set for her so that she can tell in an instant when she takes them out of the dishwasher which ones are hers for work and which ones stay at home.Pros:ColoredAll the needed utensilsIncludes straws and a straw cleanerSturdy carry pouchCarry pouch is lined and easy to cleanCarry pouch also has a carry strapAll of the above seem to be quite sturdy and dependable and do not sacrifice in qualityCons:Have not found one yetIf I had to stretch to find a con, maybe make the bag the same color as the utensils. This way if multiple family members have the same sets in different colors, it would be super easy to tell whose carry bag is whose, but it is not really a con, just a wish and a suggestion really.Overall, I would definitely say, buy them! They came in super quick as promised, they are sturdy and sure beat disposable flatware. It is a very nice set. If I decided I needed another set for another family member, I would certainly buy these again. Would also recommend them to friends.